CFA Launches New Internet Movement to Stop Media Mergers

Appeals Court Decision Creates New Action for the Public In the Battle to Prevent Media Consolidation

June 24, 2004
Contacts: Mark Cooper, Director of Research 301-384-2204

Following the ruling on the FCC's rules for media ownership by the Third Circuit Court in Philadelphia, Consumer Federation of America is launching a new Internet movement to fight media consolidation at

"Today's ruling reinforces the public mandate for a diverse and democratic media," Mark Cooper, Director of Research for Consumer Federation of America, said. "The FCC's rules were never supported by public opinion; they can't drag their feet anymore."

 CFA is publicly urging the White House and the FCC to accept the court's ruling and not resort to a protracted appeals process, which would adversely affect the public interest.

 In order to keep the pressure on the FCC and the White House, CFA is also urging consumers to write the President and the FCC and voice their support for the court's ruling. "Public outcry was essential in bringing this issue to the forefront," Mark Cooper said. "We must continue to let our voices be heard."

 In conjunction with this campaign, CFA is launching a new website today to mobilize consumers around issues of media and communications. CFA's new Communications and Media Policy website may also be found by going to

 This new interactive website is dedicated to educating the public about media reform issues and contributing to a growing national dialogue on media issues crucial to a healthy democracy. It features the latest headlines, a wealth of consumer-oriented information, numerous and varied opportunities to get involved, a weekly opinion poll, and much more. Consumers can also join an email list to learn about new polls, urgent actions to take, and the latest CFA news.